What should You Do after Receiving the Rotary Vibration Sieve


Introduction: ultrasonic screening system is a kind of simple and practical and reliable screening system, which is the most effective solution of mesh plug currently.It can be widely used in pharmacy, metallurgy, chemical industry, mineral processing, food and other industries which require careful screening and filtering.Sieve filtration precision is high,which can effectively solute the sieving problems of the reunion, electrostatic,and strong adsorption card plug mesh,it is a major technological breakthrough in the domestic screen industry .
After recieving the goods , please open the sealed plastic film when openning the wooden case,remove the lathedog and the stretched nets ring.Open the upper cover,and remove the spare mesh rack.Then put the upper cover on the machine again,tighten the locking ring bolt with the way of screwing the nut and using a rubber hammer which is in the small black bag to knock on locking ring around.What’s more,there are three support rods,which must be removed before operating the rotary vibration sieve, please see“ Rotary Vibrating Screen Manual” in attachment.

rotary vibrating screen