How to Deal with the Breakage and Slurry of Rotatory Vibrating Screen?


Firstly:Although the breakage of rotatory vibrating screen is not big problem,but if we can't find reason to solve,it will cause screen frequently damaged,and will cause unnecessary trouble,we can solve according to the following reasons.
♦The most common reason of breakage is that the screen mesh is not qualified .Screen mesh usually consists of two parts - a subnet (screen layer) and mother net (stress layer),subnet and mother network should be closely integrated.When the mother network is tightened,but the subnet of not qualified screen mesh is not tightened yet ,which will result in the material throwing force decreasing and affect the screening efficiency,so the screen mesh will be damaged frequently.
♦When materials stay on the screen for a long time or there are too many materials,we should adjust the feed rate according to different types of rotatory vibrating screens and the materials to be screened,to prevent the material staying too long on the screen,or limit the amount of the material,so as to prevent the damage to screen mesh and beating phenomenon.
♦When the vibrating screen mesh tension is not strong enough,it will lead to a vibration in a large amplitude,which will cause the screen or network frame edge fractured and broken.
Secondly,the slurry beakage of the rotary screen network frame can be divided into:
♦The new rotatory vibrating screen frame when manufacturing hasn’t been adjusted.
♦Adjust the flatness of the screen network frame and replace the sealing rubber when it is used.