Sand Conveyor Line


The sand conveyor line should be installed very steadily, and the working site should avoid landslide, flood area, and keeping away from sludge, humus and low-lying area. The piling requirements can not less than 200KN/m.
Sand conveyor line working site requirements:
1. The working site should have convenient transportation, which can transport building stone conveniently.
2.Don’t allow to build factory at earthquake area or collapsible loess area, avoid the secondly installation because of the unsuited working site during running.
3.Power condition: The sand conveyor line should have a steady power supply and try to shorten the power transmission line. And please pay more attention to the power safety.
4.The sand conveyor line is better built near the quarry and raw material applied application,which can save building stones transportation cost.
5.The sand conveyor line can be customized according to the customer’s requirement.