How to Resolve Poor Sealing of Screw Conveyor ?


When screw conveyor transports powdery material, the material is easy to infiltrate into the bearing block along the rotating shaft, which will cause bearing damage. Therefore, the sealing problem should be taken into consideration in design. The seal between rotating shaft and bearing is dual oil seal. Left-hand seal prevents fine powders into the bearing block, and the right-hand seal can avoid bearing lubrication grease flowing into screw conveyor and material contamination.
Oil seal, also known as rotary shaft lip seal. The revolving speed of rotary shaft influences the service life of oil seal, higher speed will cause greater friction between oil seal and shaft, then high temperature rise leads to low service life of oil seal. The common faults of oil seal are as follows:
•Abrasion of seal lip;
•Aging of rubber;
•Unfitting assembly;
•The seal lip is softening, swelling, hardening or fracturing.
•The shaft surface roughness is inappropriate, or surface hardness is improper (higher than HRC40), etc.
If oil seal failure occurs, please replace it immediately, otherwise it will cause bearing damage.

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