Introduction of Shaftless & Shaft Screw Conveyors


1. Shaftless Screw Conveyor
Adopting the design of non central shaft, shaftless screw conveyor uses steel spiral blades to convey the material, such as granular material, pasty material, semi-fluid material, viscous material and the material easy to twine and block. This conveyor has the following features:
1) Without the interference of central shaft, the winding resistance is strong.
2) Compared with shaft type screw conveyor, it is suitable for conveying strip material and the material is easy to twine and block.

2. Shaft Screw Conveyor
The material is conveyed in the casing by using spiral. The hanger bearing of shaft screw conveyor is sliding bearing, and the hanger shaft and screw shaft are connected by sliding block. The advantages of shaft screw conveyor are as follows:
1) Great bearing capacity, safe and reliable operation.
2) Strong adaptability, convenient installation and maintenance.
3) Small size, low rotation speed, fast and uniform conveying.
4) Low noise, good sealing and good machine rigidity.
shaft srew conveyor