Why should we select bin above the conveying and screening equipment


Are you complaining the screening and conveying equipment you bought is not durable? Are you worried about equipment bearing capacity if you want to improve the production efficiency? Here we would like to give some tips for you:
No matter vibrating screen or belt conveyor, once they work with other corollary equipment, the joint parts are pretty crucial, the common one is hopper, it is not only because it can store material, but also can reduce the impact to screen mesh when feeding material, and increase the service life. In order to control the feeding rate of hopper uniformly, a electric or a manual gate valve can be added at the bottom of hopper, or a silo vibrator (we call it vibration hopper) to feed the material more uniform or vibratory feeder machine.
For example, one of our customers want a tilt screw conveyor, due to the small capacity, it needs to feed material to conveyor directly, we recommend placing a hopper on the screw conveyor in the purpose of storing material in order to ensure continuous working of screw conveyor and transmission efficiency of the screw conveyor.
During the use of conveying equipment, in order to improve the production efficiency of the conveying and screening equipment), it is necessary to put a hopper above the equipment. This will reduce the worker's labor intensity, the number of workers, the cost production line.

bin of screw conveyor drawing