What Should We Pay Attention to the Selection of Vibrating Screen Coupling


Vibrating screen coupling is commonly used in mechanical transmission components. It is used to put two shaft coupling together, a component which cannot separate with rotation and transmission torque of two shafts when the vibrating screen is running; only after the machine stop and after joint apart, two shafts can be separated. Coupling is a kind of standard part, when using we can choose coupling according to the requirements of national standards and the using requirements.

vibrating screen coupling
Due to the manufacturing and installation error, two shafts of coupling connection may occur deformation after bearing and the influence of temperature change, often cannot guarantee strict centring, however, there is some degree of relative displacement. So choose cross coupling between the reducer and the clutch, oldham coupling is composed of two end surface fluted half coupling and the middle plate of protruding teeth both sides. Because convex teeth can slide in groove, so it can compensate for the relative displacement between the two shafts in installation and operation. This kind material of coupling parts can be available for 45# steel, work surface needs heat treatment to improve its hardness. It is also available for Q275 steel when the requirement is lower, no heat treatment is required. In order to reduce friction and tear, when using we should lubricate from the oil hole in the middle.
Because sliding pair is consist of half coupling and the middle plate, which can't occur relative rotation, therefore, angular velocity of the drive shaft and the driven shaft should be equal. But when there are relative displacement between the two shafts, middle plate will generate a lot of centrifugal force, which will increase the dynamic load and wear. Therefore when we choose coupling, we should pay attention to that working speed shall not be greater than the specified value.