Solution to Malfunction of Special Seed Belt Conveyor


The belt skid of special seed belt conveyor can cause excessive wear of belt,but also reduces the throughput,affects the normal work,which may cause the belt and the motor damage after a long time use.
The reasons for belt skid of special speed belt conveyor :
1.Delivery of goods is beyond the scope of special seed belt conveyor bearing,in general 50-70kg is no problem.
Solution:because this is operating problems,please customers according to the manufacturer designated on the carrying amount of material,so as not to cause unnecessary down the bad.
2.Normal feeding,carrying the goods within the range of special seed belt conveyor,drum functioning,belt skid.
Solution:if all equipment is normal operation,check the belt is too loose,if requiring to readjust the farm’s special seed belt conveyors,each special seed belt conveyor will have tension device,short conveyor with screw tightening distributing on both sides of the special belt conveyor on the farm,just tension will be
ok.If it is a long-distance conveying,please check whether there is any wrong on roller slot, heavy hammer tension device if there is a small piece of material fill in the heavy hammer run slot.
3.If above all are normal,look over if there are any unreasonable phenomenon n for belt and motor,the conveyor belt can be changed to pattern belt,and if motor power is too large,you can add speed reducer.
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