Tubular Screw Conveyor Commissioning Notice


Correct tubular spiral conveyor commissioning can ensure reliable start running, so it is very important to debug before cement screw conveyor puts into operation, today, PK Machinery will talk about the tube screw conveyor commissioning notes:
In order to adjust the length cumulative error of the casing and screw, when installation,gasket woven asbestos belt should be added in the casing flange convex edge .
When the center height of the low speed shaft of the driving gear reducer and screw feeder differs, the height of the driving device can be adjusted by the gasket.
During no-load test, if oil leakage phenomenon is found, please remove the bearing, adjust the tightness of the spring in the seal ring until no leakage.
During no-load test, if hanging bearing temperature rises too high, it indicates that the position of the hanging bearing installation is improper, which leads to shaft coupling stuck phenomenon, please unscrew the fastening bolts, adjusting the hanging bearing position.
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