Precautions of Ultrasonic vibration sieve


Precautions for the application of Ultrasonic vibration sieve :
1.When it satisfies the production requirements, turnning lower power is better. Maximum current should not exceed 0.4.
2.When the rack has no load ( meaning when the rack has no tension net), please do not open the ultrasonic power supply. Otherwise, cause the power over-current and the damage of the oscillator and network frame.
3.Screen mesh must be tight, otherwise it will affect the ultrasonic output and the vibration.
4.The docking screws of oscillator aviation plug must be tightened, and should be wrapped in insulating tape to prevent dust. Pay attention to protect this connector when using.
5.Before the machine starts ,you should check whether oscillator with the cable plug nut of the oscillator is tightened,and whether the steel grids is tightened.During use,pay attention to protecting the cable between the oscillator and machine.About the cables and oscillator socket ,you should pay attention to moisture-proof,make sure no water enters into the plug and socket.
6.If the material is conductive,please lengthen ultrasonic wire,isolate the ultrasonic power and the screening scene, to prevent the material into the power box and cause a short-circuit.
7.If the fan noise is very large,or the rotation is not smooth,please replace the fan.The machine should be in ventilated place,to ensure the normal heat dissipation, not covering by the package or other items.
8.Each ultrasonic includes a driving power, an oscillator and a rack.