Usage Precautions of Long Distance Belt Conveyor


1. Counterweight device of long distance belt conveyor
The depth of parallelism and perpendicularity of two uprights should be ensured during the installation of counterweight device. Moreover, the security should be taken into consideration after installation, so the protective railings should be installed immediately.
2. Supporting leg and intermediate frame of belt conveyor
1)Before installation to use the theodolite to determine the centerline;
2)To use centerline to locate the central point of each supporting leg;
3)To make proper adjustment to facilitate the installation according to the location of embedded steel plate, and to ensure the firm welding between each supporting leg and embedded steel plate.
3. Pulley and roller of horizontal belt conveyor
1)To inspect the bearing rotation situation of pulleys and rollers during the installation, and to repair or replace the unsatisfactory ones.
2)To adjust the location of drive pulley and bend pulley during commissioning, ensuring that the tightening torque of bolts is 75% ~ 80% of its final twisting torque.
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