How to Use Ultrasonic Rotary Vibrating Screen to Sieve Lead Oxide?


Lead oxide is yellow or reddish powder, slightly viscosity, can be used for pigment lead white, manufacturing lead soap, metallurgy help solvent paint drier, ceramic raw materials, rubber vulcanization, promoting agent, pesticides, lead salt stabilizer plastic raw materials, lead glass industrial raw materials, middle raw material of lead salt industry. A small amount can be used in traditional Chinese medicine and battery industry, and used for manufacture of anti-radiation rubber products. Using ordinary rotary vibrating screen sieve the lead oxide with the disadvantages of small capacity and easy to block the mesh screen etc. so we suggest to adopt ultrasonic vibrating screen for screening it.
Ultrasonic rotary vibrating screen is not only with large output, but also with high precision. The screen mesh of ultrasonic rotary vibration sieve is between 40 mesh to 200 mesh. High frequent electric produced by the power of Lead oxide ultrasonic rotary vibrating screen is converted into the longitudinal shock wave in the form of high frequency sine through the transducer, which passes to the resonator and makes the resonator produce resonance, then the vibration is transported to the screen surface through the resonator.When the materials on the screen mesh is doing the three dimensional vibration at a low frequency,it will be overlaid with the ultrasonic vibration,which can not only prevent the block to the mesh screen, but also improve the screen capacity and accuracy.
The application of ultrasonic vibrating screen in lead oxide industry is very wide. The screening precision of the ultrasonic vibrating screen is high and easy to be adjusted. Screening capacity is 2-5 times of ordinary three dimensional rotary vibrating screen. Ultrasonic vibrating screen has solved the strong adsorption, easy to reunite, high electrostatic, high density, light weight etc. material sieving problem, especially used for high quality, fine powder.