Vertical Type Tensioning Device of Belt Conveyor


Vertical type tensioning device is installed between the driving pulley and tail wheel, it should be closed to the minimum belt tension place (driving pulley).When the rubber belt conveyor runs, the structure drives the conveyor belt passing by 90 degree turnabout pulley, then passing by the 180 degree turnabout pulley, tensioning the rubber belt through the heavy hammer which is hanging on the frame. The effective tensioning travel is same with vehicle type tensioning device.

Vertical type tensioning device of belt conveyor
Vertical type tensioning device is suitable for the situation that is difficult to adopt vehicle type tensioning device. The advantage is that it utilizes the space of belt conveyor length which is easy to arrange. The defect is that if adopts this type of tensioning device, the turnabout pulley quantity will increase, material will be easily to fall into the place between rubber belt and pulley, which speeds the abrasion of rubber belt and pulley surface . Especially when transporting materials is damp or with larger viscosity ,the abrasion phenomenon will be more serious.