How to Improve the Fatigue Life and Abrasion Resistance of Vibrating Screen Bearing


The vibrating screen bearing fatigue life and abrasion resistance can be improved in the terms of design technique, manufacturing technique, materials technique and lubrication technique. 
1. In regard to design technique, the following measures can be taken to improve bearing life.
1) Increase the size of rolling element;
2) Increase the number of rolling element;
3) Select the appropriate contact parameters of rolling element and raceway.
2. In the respect of manufacturing technique, strengthening processing and precision machining can be used to improve bearing life.
3. Regarding materials technique, the measures, such as the selection of materials, materials guarantee and heat treatment of materials, can be taken to improve bearing life.
4. With respect to lubrication technique, the bearing life can be extended by means of selection of lubricant and lubrication methods under different working conditions. 

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