Vibrating Screen Bouncing Ball Function and Analysis


Vibrating screen
is widely applied and can be used for separating different kinds bulk material. We can select the suitable configuration for vibrating screen according to the raw material. Then what’s the bouncing ball function in different screen machine configuration ?
The bouncing balls are placed between the supporting mesh frame and working mesh. While the vibrating screen is working, the bouncing balls are reciprocate jumping and impacting the material which sticks on the working mesh, to increase the screening efficiency and capacity.
The bouncing ball is the necessary part of the vibrating screen, the size is : φ10、φ15、φ20、φ25、φ28、φ30、φ40 etc. And its material is as follow:
1). Natural rubber bouncing ball. It is generally used in common material separating;
2) Silica gel bouncing ball. This kind ball have good elasticity, anti-wearing etc advantage. It is generally used in food, medicine etc material separating;
According to the different material property, we should select the suitable vibrating screen, each assembly part will influence the vibrating screen capacity and efficiency.
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