Material property will influence the vibrating screen capacity


The common vibrating screen is linear and circular type vibrating screen, which achieves the screening through vibrating, which is driven by motor. Generally the material property will influence the output capacity.
The material property includes material particle size, material moisture content, material viscosity and material shape etc.
Material particle size : When the percentage of the material is big,the particle size of which is less than sieve mesh size , it can be more easy to screening. So if the material particle size is smaller, it is easier to separate out and the capacity and screening efficiency is high.
Material moisture content: If the material content moisture is high, it is more sticky, the material is easy to to be conglomeration, blocking the screen mesh, which is not easy to separate out. The screening efficiency and output capacity will be reduced. However, if the material is not very sticky, it’s output capacity will be high.
Material shape: If the material shape is similar with the sieve mesh size, and the round shape is more, it is easier to separate out. Generally different shapes such as strip, plate, flake types, it is not easier to separate out compared with the round type. So different kinds of material shapes will influence the screening efficiency and capacity.