Sieve Configuration Process Effect On the Handling Capacity Of Vibrating Screen


Common vibrating screen equipment is including linear vibrating screen,circular vibrating screen and so on.They screen materials based on the principle of motor vibration, the configuration process of the sieve machine is effective foundation to measure the ability of the vibrating screen equipment.
1.Different vibrating screen configuration processes affect different sieve surface material.Sieve surface materials are usually steel bar, steel wire, punching steel,rubber,polyurethane,etc.,these have different work efficiency.Different screen surface abrasion resistance will affect their abilities to work;
2.Different mesh shapes have different screening abilities, such as the screening capacity of mesh shape bar screen is greater than the other properties of the mesh shapes;
3.The different sizes of the mesh configuration has a great influence on the particle size of material.But the bigger the screen hole size is, the stronger the working ability is;
4.The vibrating screen trajectory:the vibration trajectory of the circular vibrating screen is round, the vibration trajectory of linear vibrating screen is linear motion,so the trajectory and screening efficiency also have difference.