How to Maintain the Vibrating Screen in High Temperature Condition?


In summer, the high temperature will be the hidden trouble during normal running. Generally the environment temperature is not more than 40℃, so during the vibrating screen running, not only consider the output capacity, but also need to consider the vibrating screen tolerance degree.
1.If the vibrating screen is installed in outdoor, it should set up the sun-proof cover or sail.
A.If the vibrating screen is exposure under the sun, it easily makes the screen machine burn-in, and also can make the screening machine temperature higher,thus can not normally running, which will influence the screening efficiency and quality. Even damage the screen machine parts, for example, vibrating smotor can no work;
B.If the vibrating screen is installed indoor. We should pay more attention to the indoor temperature adjustment, and the ventilation,breathability. The environment temperature should be not more than 40℃, which can guarantee the vibrating screen normally running.
2.Where the higher temperature we said is in the vibrating screen main part --vibrating motor. The vibrating motor temperature means each motor parts actual heating temperature. It highly influences the motor insulation. If the temperature is high, it makes the insulation burn-in and decreases the motor service life, even influences the motor insulation. To avoid the above problems, we should provide a temperature limit, which means the motor allowed temperature.