Do You Know How to Settle Material Blockage of Vibrating Screen?


Generally speaking, due to lower noise, high screening efficiency and other advantages, vibrating screen has wide application to screen small lump material, particle or powder materials in grain, coal, chemical and many other occasions. Here our customer has ever said wet material blockage happened after putting vibrating screen into use for a period of time. Specific to this situation, we will illustrate some advice. Please see the following writing.
1. The direct way to settle this kind of problem is plus both exciting force and amplitude of vibration motor.
2. Adding some water to increase liquidity of material is a method to settle this problem, you can try it.
3. Maybe it’s necessary to change screen mesh timely if material blockage is caused by wet materials.
4. Operators can clean mesh by brushing to address problem of blockage.
Only we settle material blockage of vibrating sieve, screening efficiency can be enhanced. Hope above mentioned suggestions can help you a lot. To gain further information, please view here: www.pkmachinery.com

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