Useful Methods to Promote Screening Efficiency of Vibrating Screen


Vibrating screen has wide application in quarry, fertilizer, grain, food and many other materials’ screening. Here PK Machinery will talk about some useful methods to advance the sieving efficiency of vibrating screen with you.Please look at the following passage.
1. When it comes to dry screening, please strictly control water content of materials. If water content is too high, operator can take burdening screening into consideration.
2. It’s better to enhance aperture ratio of screen plate so that higher screening efficiency can be achieved.
3. Please adjust the dip angle of vibrating screen to reach the purpose of decreasing material thickness to realize thin materials screening.
4. For circular vibrating screen, it’s better to adjust ballasting method to improve screening efficiency.
Above mentioned points are some basic useful methods to promote screening efficiency of vibrating sieve. More information, please view here: www.pkmachinery.com

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