Features of Vibrating Screen Sealing Ring with Different Materials


The material which is suitable for the vibrating screen screening is widely, including granule, powder, liquid, etc., sealing ring is an indispensable part in the screening process of vibrating screen. According to the different characteristics of the material, three kinds of different materials of vibrating screen seal ring can be selected, to help achieve the best sieving effect.
These three kinds of sealing rings are silica gel seal ring, rubber seal ring, polyurethane seal ring, they all have their own characteristics. Select the most suitable seal ring type according to the material,not only can prolong the service life of the seal ring, but also can reduce the cost. Pk machinery will introduce the advantages of the three kinds of seal rings for you.
1.Silica gel seal ring
The cost of silica gel seal ring is higher than other kind of seal ring compare to other two types. However, it is with the advantages of strong heat stability, High adsorption performance, chemical stability and relatively high mechanical strength etc.
2.Rubber seal ring
Rubber sealing ring is the most common seal ring vibrating screen equipment accessories, because of its lower cost and stable performance.However, if the screened material is corrosive, with high temperature and higher oil, rubber sealing ring is not applicable.
3.Polyurethane sealing ring
Polyurethane sealing ring with the features of oil resistant, corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant. Customer who needs to screen the material with related properties should select this kind of sealing ring.
Hope you can learn more about the sealing ring of vibrating screen through our introduction above. Please select the most suitable sealing ring when purchase the vibrating screen