Cause Analysis of Vibrating Screen Side Plate Cracking and Preventive Measures (I)


 The manufacturing, installation, operation and maintenance of vibrating screen are main reasons that cause side plate cracking.
1. Cause analysis from the perspective of manufacturing and preventive measures:
1) Cause analysis: screen box is the main carrying component, the connection between wing plate and side plate is mostly welding, but welding defects will cause welding stress. When vibrating screen is working, under the action of high frequency force generated by vibration exciter, welding stress is released and superimposed with vibration force, which causes side plate cracking.
2) Preventive measures: riveting process is used to join wing plate, stiffening plate and side plate.
2. Cause analysis from the perspective of installation and preventive measures:
1) Cause analysis: if the installation can't meet the required standard, some phenomena may appear, such as large height difference of springs mounted on both sides of vibrating screen, and non-horizontal rotation axis, which causes inconsistent vibration amplitude of screen box, resulting in concentrated stress, side plate cracking and other failures.
2) Preventive measures:
-To install vibrating screen in strict accordance with standard.
-Continuous and uniform feeding.
-To replace springs timely.
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