Cause Analysis of Vibrating Screen Side Plate Cracking and Preventive Measures (II)


 3. Cause analysis from the perspective of operation & maintenance and preventive measures:

1) Cause analysis: vibrating screen is requested to operate in a certain working system. In maintenance, if there is a difference between the replaced components and original ones, it will cause centre-of gravity displacement of screen box, or changes of vibrating screen natural frequency, and then lead to abnormal vibration of vibrating screen and side plate cracking. After maintenance, the spatial location deviation of girder due to improper installation also causes side plate cracking.

2) Preventive measures:
-To keep the same dynamic factor requirements with original design.
-The disassembly, maintenance and assembly of vibration exciter should be done by experienced professionals in clean area. Make sure to keep parts clean before assembly and no deviation of assembly position.

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