The Operation and Maintenance for Vibration Exciter of Vibrating Screen


Motor is three phase, asynchronous motor, enclosed self-cooling type, horizontal installation.
When vibration motor ia working continuously, the usual ambient temperature is not more than 40℃, if it is over 40 ℃, special protection device is needed adopted.
Fixing the vibrating motor on the vibrating screen, the foundation bolt of vibration motor must be firm, each bolt below must add elastic washer. At the primary stage of vibration motor working, it will be loose. At First we should check the bolt everyday, then check every week two weeks later.
The vibrating motor may be damp because of transporting or idle for a long period. Should check Winding insulation, if damp, should adopt corresponding measures to deal with.
The vibration motor should be refueled after using three months, and then repaired every half a year or one year. Should maintain and repair vibration motor according to the instruction manual. When taking minor repair, should clear the dust of inner machine and check coil of insulation resistance. If not firm, should repair it in time. When taking heavy maintenance, should take apart motor and blow off inside and outside with compressed air, check the wear of bearing to alter the new lubricating grease.
If the vibration exciter is motor+exciter structure, please check the coupling and lubrication the exciter termly.

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