How to Choose the Width and Length of Vibrating Screen?


The width and length of screen surface are important technical parameters of vibrating screen.
1. The surface width determines the capacity of vibrating screen.
The surface width can't go beyond the limit, since the corresponding difficulty in equipment structural strength will increase. In China, the maximum surface width of vibrating screen is 3.6m, and the width of resonance screen is up to 4m.
2. The surface length determines the sieving efficiency of vibrating screen.
The retention time of screened material is influenced by the screen surface length. Longer surface length leads to long surface retention time, which results in high screening efficiency, but it increases slowly because the particle size close to screen mesh should be screened thoroughly. Therefore, the surface length should be within a certain range.
3. Width and length selection of screen surface
1) The ratio of surface width and length is generally 2~3.
2) The surface length used for coarse material screening is 3.5~4m.
3) The surface length used for grain and fine material screening is 5~6m.
4) The surface length used for material dewatering and sculpting is 6~7m.