What are the Effect of Temperature on the Work of the Vibrating Screen?


Vibrating screen is a kind of screening machine which relies on the vibration produced by vibrating motor to screen materials.For vibrating screen, the temperature also has certain influence on its work. If the temperature is too high ,it will greatly shorten the service life of the vibrating screen, thus affect the screening efficiency and production schedule of the vibration screen. What are the requirements for the temperature during the use of vibrating sifter?
1.Much higher temperature part of vibrating screen is mainly referring to the core components of vibration screening machine – vibrating motor is overheating. How do you solve the problem of simple vibration motor temperature too high?
Vibration motor temperature refers to the actual heating temperature of each part of vibration motor, it has a great influence on the vibration motor insulation, high temperature can make the insulation aging and shorten the motor service life, even lead to insulation damage. To protect the insulation from aging and damage,we should limit the temperature of each parts of the vibration motor, which is the allowed temperature of the vibration motor.
2.When outdoor working, vibrating screen should be paid attention to set up mesh to cut off the sunshine.
a.Long time work under the hot sun exposure, not only can make the machine become old, aging, but also can lead to the vibrating screen machine temperature too high and results in the vibrating screen no normal work , which will affect the screening efficiency and quality, even will lead to damaging the vibrating screen part seriously such as vibration motor.
b.The vibrating screen equipment work indoor or klin, attention should be paid to adjust the indoor temperature, make sure it is breathable and ventilation. The environment temperature is generally not more than 40 degrees, to maintain a good working environment for the vibrating screen