The Reasons for Bucket Elevator Head and Tail Wheel Wears Seriously


1.Serious wear problem is caused by the lack of lubricating oil in head to tail wheel, lubricating oil is used to reduce the effect of friction between the components, the working load of bucket elevator is focused on the two wheels, if lacks of lubricating oil, the friction will become greater, the hole that connect sprocket and main axis will be worn seriously, the head wheel and tail wheel will work in unstable condition, the lifted material will also fall down, so the head wheel and tail wheel must be well lubricated.

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2. Material particles that conveyed by the bucket elevator is relatively large, the hardness is relatively higher, there will be few materials falling off from equipment during operation, since the sprocket is bigger, the material is very easy to hit the head wheel and tail wheel, after a long period of time the wheels will be deformed, so the material size of conveying material must match with selected bucket elevator.

3. Unsuitable construction material selection of tail wheel and head wheel, processing quality is not qualified, it is sure to have some troubles when use it, in addition, the strength for head wheel and tail wheel of the bucket elevator to bear is very large, low quality will surely has serious wear and tear with faster rate, so we must accurately calculate the pressure of sprockets to bear when the choosing head wheel and tail wheel and select appropriate metal material for processing technology to produce durable sprockets.

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