The Issues About Scraper Chain Damage and Service Life


The chain damaging reason of the scraper conveyor often happens in two condition,one is damaging brute force, another is fatigue break.
a.In the first condition: the scraper conveyor chain bearing the force which is larger than the static fracture load, leading to breaking suddenly. Normally the fracture occurs in the flexion point or some weld defect points.
scraper chain conveyor produced by Henan PK machinery
b.In the second condition: the scraper chain bearing the force which is smaller than the static fracture load,but due to long time working,the chain section become weak then the chain was damaged because of the impact at last.
c.The damaging reason:
1)The chain of the scraper conveyor will bear a big dead load,at the same time it will also transport a bigger live load. Except starting and sudden stop, there exist live load during running.The first load can make a strong destruction to chains so the supplier will consider about the maximum force during the designing period under normal situation. If the buried scraper conveyor chain breaks when using at the first time,it means that you come across a bad supplier.
grain scraper  conveyor  produced by Henan PK machinery
The second loads is smaller. It will lead to chain fatigue damage if bearing the reciprocal action in long time,that’s to say,fatigue damage is the main reason of chain breaking, so please maintain the scraper conveyor chain termly.
2)The corrosivity of materials will make the chain generate rust scars and cracks, which reduces the fracture surface strength.
3)The scraper conveyor chain ring will roll when the chain contact with the chain wheel. And there will be relative sliding between the wheel and the chain. This sliding will lead to abrasion because different place generating different friction.
Regarding the service life of scraper conveyor chain, in order to avoid the chain scission accident,we need to inspect the chain termly and make a scrapping standards. The method is used to measure the elongation of the chain to confirm the attrition rate and the meshing property of the chain wheel. We need to replace the scraper conveyor chain in time when the chain elongation reach to 2%.
horizontal scraper conveyor produced by Henan PK machinery
A good inspection and maintenance system will effectively prolong the chain service life. In the other words, it also extend the scraper conveyor life span.
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