Solutions of Inflexible Rotation of Conveyor Rollers


 conveyor Roller is one of most important components of conveyor belt, which price accounts for 25% of the total cost. The manufacturing & installation quality of conveyor rollers will directly affect the service life and running resistance of conveyor belt. And the maintenance and replacement cost of conveyor rollers is an important part of equipment operating expense. Since the rotating quality of conveyor rollers has a great influence on the running resistance, power consumption, service life of roller and belt, maintenance workload and transportation cost of whole conveyor belt.
in order to ensure the stable operation of equipment, conveyor belt manufacturer should analysis and research how to extend the lifespan of conveyor rollers.
1. Reason analysis of inflexible rotation of conveyor rollers
1) Manufacturing quality of conveyor rollers
The main manufacturing problem is the lack of bearing housing rigidity, which can't assure the assembly accuracy of conveyor roller and restrict the flexibility of roller rotation.
2) Lubrication and usage & maintenance of roller bearings
Generally there is heavy dust in the installation and operation site, poor seal will make the dirt enter into the bearing internal easier and lead to the inflexible rotation of conveyor rollers. Besides, general calcium base grease are easily to be discoloring and dried out, which can't lubricate well.
2. Solutions of inflexible rotation of conveyor rollers
1) The conveyor rollers must be manufactured according to the accuracy requirements. The conveyor belt manufacturer should carry out strict quality inspection before shipment, and ensure all the rollers are qualified products.
2) Conveyor belt manufacturer should use high quality lubrication grease, such as lithium base grease.
3) Conveyor belt manufacturer should adopt labyrinth seal with radial ball bearing support and plastic sealing ring. This seal type has the advantages of good dustproof, low resistance force, convenient assembly and disassembly, easy maintenance and reduced operating cost.
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