The Acceptance Notice of Buried Scraper Chain Conveyor


The Acceptance Notice of Buried Scraper Chain Conveyor
Do you know the acceptance notice of buried scraper chain conveyor? Here, Henan Pingyuan Mining Machinery Co., Ltd answers for you.

scraper chain conveyor
1.Compared with test length, the accumulative error of conveyor chain length should be within 0-0.25% .
2.The welding of scraper and connecting rod is not allowed to have the defects like crack, slag inclusion,without welding and so on; weld groove shall comply with the standard of GB985; after welding, insulation measure should be taken to anneal and eliminate the welding stress;the weld strength is not less than 400 MPa.
3.Between the wear-resisting guide rail of buried scraper conveyor and floor use plug welding, and the both sides of the guide rail use the discontinuous welding, ensuring the fastness and reliability of guide rail welding .
4.Buried scraper conveyor machine seal is good, and material in the delivery shouldn’t have leakage or plug the discharging outlet.The whole machine adopts the double seal methods: one is adopting heat-resistant paronite XB450 as the sealing strip to keep out rain and dust; the other is applying sealant on the shall and paronite.In order to prevent the dust leakage and guarantee the good sealing of machine, the rotation of the head and tail adopts adjustable packing seal. Buried scraper conveyor could use water to wash.
5.When scraper chain conveyor is in load running, the biggest noise sound level shall under 85 db (A) around 1 m of the scraper.
6.Need multiple access clean mouth.
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