About Bulk Materials Spilling Out of Portable Belt Conveyor


Portable belt conveyor is a continuous materials handling equipment for loading and unloading materials such as bulk materials, lump materials, and package goods in different place and different height.

Portable belt conveyor is widely used at ports, terminals, stations, coal yard, warehouses, farms, etc.
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Due to the working characteristics of portable belt conveyor machine, conveyed materials spilling out is a frequent occurrence during transferring. This is a common issue happens by the reasons as below:

1.Materials spilled at the transferring point

The conveyed materials often spill at the discharge hopper and guide chute. If the portable belt conveyor is seriously overloaded, the rubber skirt of guide chute will be damaged easily, the steel plate by the guide chute is far away from the belt when designing, so the materials will easily spill out of the guide chute.

Solution: control the capacity and strengthen the maintenance of the portable belt conveyor.
portable belt conveyor fabricated by PK mining machinery industry

2.Materials spilled at the trough section when belt is suspending

In the trough section of the portable belt conveyor, there will be suspension to the belt when its radius is small. At this moment, the belt will leave the trough rollers group, the trough angle become smaller, then some materials will be spilled out. For example, in the mobile mechanical loading machine, the concave section will be designed to be no arc transition interval in order to shorten the tail section, then the materials will be easily spilled if the width margin of the selected belt is small.

Solution: adopt bigger radius for the trough section when designing the portable belt conveyor.

3.Materials spilled when the belt is drifting.

When the belt deviates causing materials spilled during running, it mainly due to the height of two edges changing, one side is high while the other is low, then the materials will spill out of the lower side.

Solution: adjust the deviation of the belt.
portable belt conveyor fabricated by PK mining machinery industry

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