Advantage of cement screw conveyor


Cement screw conveyors are mainly used in concrete mixing stations to transport materials such as cement, fly ash and other powdered and small particles. Cement screw conveyors have many advantages. Its spiral body diameter is relatively small, high rotation speed, and the delivery volume is large and the precision is high. The structural sequence is: motor, gearbox, input section assembly, intermediate section and intermediate support body assembly, output assembly, front support assembly, oil lubrication system, accessories for cable lines, connection canvas cover, and hanger Hanging wire ropes and fittings.
Advantage of cement screw feeder
1.High efficiency: Adopting a new type of hanging middle suspension shaft frame and continuous high-strength wear-resistant steel spiral blades, the pitch error after forming is less than 5mm and the blade surface is smooth, which increases the material transport space and reduces the Logistics resistance ensures smooth, fast and uniform feeding.
2.Easy to move and disassemble: The outer shell is made of seamless steel pipe. The flanges connect the sections to the whole. Both horizontal and large dip angles can be continuously transported and can be directly connected and fixed by monthly supporting equipment. No foundation is needed, and full use is made. space.
3.Diversified connection: The inlet and outlet ports can be in various forms such as flange connection, cloth connection, cloth arm connection, and Vientiane interface connection.
4.Reliable sealing: The connection of the casing pipe is treated with the anti-seepage device, and the process hole is also carefully improved to prevent the blocking of the material and the boring machine accident caused by the cement caking in the pipe caused by the infiltration of rainwater.
5.The inner axis of the screw conveyor is provided with a middle suspension bearing to support the rotation of the inner shaft within a certain interval. The middle suspension bearing seat is usually made of cast steel or cast aluminum material, and the single cantilever type of support body makes the distance between the blades of the front and rear joint joints to be interrupted. Smaller, smooth flow without obstruction.
6.The connection mode between the feed port of the screw conveyor and the cement storage port is divided into two types: rigid connection with spherical hinge and hanging and soft connection with waterproof canvas. The frequency of visual equipment disassembly determines the interface format.
7.The special design of the front bearing body ensures that the inner shaft is under tension during normal operation, and the pulling force is borne by the inference bearing in the front bearing to prevent the reducer and the middle shaft seat from being pressed and the bolt shaft from being under pressure. The broom phenomenon.
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