Advantages of the continuous operation of the screw conveyor


Screw conveyor can be widely applied in various industries. Its transportation could realize whole sealing, which greatly reduces the dust and noise during the process. So how does the screw conveyor carry out continuous transport operations?

cement screw conveyor
Since the screw conveyor is generally able to achieve closed transport, Its unloading point is easily come true sealing. Through decreasing the transfer point height and other measures, the environmental pollution causing by dust can be significantly reduced. Owing to the continuous operation, the vibration and noise is small. There are other several advantages:
1.Structural weight can be decreased by reducing dynamic load, therefore extending the service life of machinery and relieving worker’s fatigue for machinery.
2.Easy operation, easy automatic control.
3.As the average efficiency of continuous operation is relatively high, its weight is lighter than the same productivity LS-type screw conveyor

In summary, the screw conveyor has more advantages than other conveyor equipment. Want to learn more, welcome to visit our website: www.pkmachinery.com