Advantages of vertical bucket elevator seal structure


1.Bucket elevator new sealing structure is relatively simple, and contribute to the processing of machinery to a great extent;
2. Ensure the vertical bucket elevator sealing compactness of the structure, especially the process of smaller axial space occasions, which can be more convenient to install and use;
3.With the help of screws, the gland can achieve with the rotation with the shaft, thus the filling and the driven shaft surface can be contacted, and they will be in a relatively quiescent state.
4. After material inside the bucket elevator machine penetrated into the gland, only with the gap between the filler and the shaft, the material can be discharged, considering that the shaft and packing do not have significant relative motion, therefore material can not outflow from the gap.
5. The spiral part of gland is installed in the cylinder cover packing box in the end, with the rotation of the shaft gland case, it is able to squeeze into the spiral slag or material thrown in the opposite direction. In this process, there is only a small amount of material flowing into the packing place by helix, which largely ensures the effective reduction of the number of materials. Two years of use proves that vertical bucket elevator new leakage sealing structure simply causes small material leakage, material flying phenomenon never happens, which meet the implementation of the design requirements to a great extent.

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