The Advantages Of Wire Rope Belt Compared With Ordinary Belt


Wire rope belt use steel wire rope as belt core,and cover rubber on surface.Today we will talk about the advantages of wire rope belt compared with ordinary belt:
1.High strength.It can satisfy the requirement of long distances and large throughput.Because of using wire rope as belt core, its breaking strength is high, so the length of the conveyor can be longer;the bearing capacity of belt is greatly improved, can satisfy the requirement of large throughput.
2.The elongation of belt is small. Because the belt core rigidity of wire rope belt is larger, elastic deformation is much smaller than canvas belt,so the tension device can be a short,and that is good for long distance belt conveyor.
3.Good groove.Wire rope belt have only one layer of core body,and it is longitudinal arrangement along the belt,so it joint with roller more closely,can form a larger groove angle,it is beneficial to increase the throughput,it can reduce material splash outward and prevent the belt running deviation.
4.Long service life.The rope of wire rope belt is twisted by very fine cored wire,so it has a high bending fatigue strength and good impact resistance.
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