Analyses and Solutions of Low Efficiency about Bucket Elevator


Bucket elevator is a common lifting equipment, now PK Machinery will analyze the reasons and solutions of the low efficiency about industrial bucket elevator in the following three parts: loading, lifting and unloading of the bucket elevator.

1.The materials cannot fill the buckets up

There are two major causes of influencing stuffing buckets with materials: the revolving speed of the head chain wheel and the shape of the bucket. The speed is slower, and the bucket is larger, the bucket can charge more materials.

Solution: reduce the speed of head chain wheel and adjust the shape of buckets.

belt bucket elevator fabricated by PK Mining Machienry

2. The spillage issue at lifting zone

There are three reasons causing a spillage issue at the lifting zone:

1)the initial tension of the belt is not enough, and the buckets twists itself by its weight.

2)the belt drifts, the buckets knock against the industrial bucket elevator body.

3)It has a vibration itself, such as the inertial oscillation of rotating wheel, the roughness of the belts joint.

Solution: adjust the initial tension of the belt, correct the belt drifting, add a vibration isolation measure, reduce the vibration from other machinery parts.

belt bucket elevator fabricated by PK Mining Machienry

3.Back flow

The back flow is major reason why most of the industrial bucket elevators has low efficiency in working. The back flow means the materials can not go into the discharging tube, but return to the equipment base. This situation mainly caused by reason that the geometrical dimensions of the head external shell of industrial bucket elevator is too small.

Solution: enlarge the size of the head external shell.

In order to select a suitable belt bucket elevator, it’s necessary to contact with our sales engineer for designing a high efficiency industrial bucket elevator for our clients.

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belt bucket elevator fabricated by PK Mining Machienry

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