Analysis faults of screw conveyor


 There will be some question during running of screw conveyor,this article summarize the Analysis of common faults for screw conveyor

1.In the process of the screw conveyor starting,the staring is powerless with noise.This condition is maybe because of power phase shortage,it need replenish power phase or add adjustment device,the motor will be damaged if start the motor forcibly.
2.The reducer has noise.The noise of reducer is because the reducer is lack of lubricant,or the inner gears were damaged,if so,we need add lubricant or change the damaged gears.
3.The temperature of reducer is high.This problem is because the transmission shaft has a inferior concentricity,it need to be checked step by step,if the location of input shaft is right,but the temperature of output shaft is high,this is because the output shaft has deviation,or the bearing was damaged at the output shaft position.
4.The reducer spilling lubricating oil,checking the oil whether is too much,or checking the oil sealing whether is intact.
5.The screw blade bouncing extent too large.It because the middle bearing was damaged,under the affect of screw angle,once the screw blade receive the load,the screw angle force will be divided into two direction force,one is along the shaft center line direction,another one is perpendicular with shaft center line direction,under the effect of these two force,the screw blade will case two result,one is the screw shaft was drawn out,the diameter become small,another one is compress the screw blade pitch,cause the diameter of screw blade become large.
6.The capacity suddenly reduced.It need check the screw blade is intact or not,adjust and replace the wearing screw blade.
7.The screw conveyor spilling dust during working.Checking the top cover whether be damaged,and check the sealing strips whether is intact,changing and replacing in time.
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