Analysis for The Abrasion of Screw Conveyor Blades


The abrasion of screw conveyor blades is different from the regular contact abrasion. The abrasion of screw conveyor blades mainly comes up on the outer age, and the abrasion increases with the movement of the materials.

When the screw conveyor blades have no abrasion, it will rest against the inner wall the seal ring supports the drive shaft at the center of the tube. The screw conveyor shaft spins inside the tube, and it is constrained by the tube wall, so the wobble will be small. The sealing force on the driving position of the screw conveyor is uniform,so the driver box can be effectively sealed.

Analysis For The Abrasion Of Screw Conveyor Blades

After the blades wear down, it will lose the constraint of against the shell when rotating, expanding the swing range. The helical shaft will generate a certain slope due to gravity, the upper space between the screw shaft and the shell will get bigger, and the lower space will decrease. The center line of the screw shaft is descending, which will make the upper interstitial space of the seal enlarge and the lower the interstitial space smaller, the seal and grease ring of the drive position are squeezed. Then it will form a deviating grinding in rotation, which makes copper sheath wear. And the wear of the copper sheath will further increase the descending amplitude of the driving shaft center line.

Analysis For The Abrasion Of Screw Conveyor Blades

When the screw conveyor blades abrasion intensifies, the gap between the top and the shell will be further expanded. When the gaps exceed the effective elasticity of the seal, the residue materials enters the sealed chamber, which will aggravate the seal part abrasion. Finally, the driver case will be contaminated.

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