Analysis of the reason of scraper chain breaking


Scraper chain is traction parts of scraper conveyor. As one of the most important parts,if the scraper chain used improperly which will lead to chain breaking. There are some main reasons leading scraper chain breaking:

scraper conveyor

The first,the chain of buried scraper conveyor will bear heavy static loads,and at the same time,it also will transport heavy dynamic loads. In addition to starting and sudden stop,there are dynamic loads during normal running.The first factor can make a strong destruction to chain,and the second loads is smaller,but if reciprocal action with long time,it will lead fatigue damage  to chain.

The second,the corrosivity of material will cause rust scars and cracks of the chain,and reduce fracture surface strength.

scraper conveyor machine

The third is about abrasion.When the chain contact the chain wheel,then the chain ring will roll,according to different place with different friction, there will be relative sliding between wheel and chain of scraper conveyor machine,and this sliding will lead to abrasion.

The fourth,the material of chain also will influence chain service life.By the way,a good scraper conveyor device must contains a good quality chain,please do not reduce the chain cost,or you will pay more maintenance costs.

Above the mentioned factors are the main reasons causing the chain breaking, especially fatigue damage.

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