Application of Linear Vibrating Screen for Corn Starch



The linear vibrating screen has great leakproofness . ensure only less dust overflow, ensure reduce the dust pollution, the screening efficiency as high as 95%, it can used for automatic production line,so it suitable to screening powdery material and granular material,it usually to be used to abrasives industry, chemical industry, grain industry, pharmaceuticals industry, etc.next we will introduce the application of linear vibrating screen for corn starch.

Application of Linear Vibrating Screen for Corn Starch

The corn starch linear vibrating screen major course of work process

1.removal of contamination: order to safety production, clean the impurity from the corn very necessary. the corn contain many impurities,such as dust, organic impurity ,inorganic impurity and so on. general designing three layers sieves, the first layer adopts circular holes with 17 to 20mm diameter to remove the larger size impurity, the second layer adopts circular holes with 12 to 15mm to remove medium sized ,the third layer adopts circular holes with 2mm diameter to remover smaller impurity.

2.Soaked corn:after removing impurity, we need to soak the corn preparing for next process.

3.Coarse crushing: it means crush the soaked corn into 10 pieces at least,to easy to separate the corn germ.

4.Corn germ separation: after last process treatment, the corn germ can very easily separated.
Application of Linear Vibrating Screen for Corn Starch
5.Trituration: after corn germ separation,the material include corn fragment and some starch, the sufficient method of extracting starch is trituration, because it can damage the corn cell, and dissociate the starch granule.

6.Screening starch: after above five steps treatment, the corn will become pasty, then adopt linear vibrating screen to separate the starch from the mixture material.

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