Application of Ultrasonic vibrating screen for graphite powder


Graphite powder size is generally less than 500 meshes,it’s generally 100 meshes, 120 meshes, 200 meshes, 325meshes and other specifications. Especially delanium graphite,it’s artificially made of coke, asphalt and other raw material processed by calcining, crushing, screening, forming and graphitizing. So the propertty of the graphite powder is relatively stable.
To this kind of raw material,selecting a proper screening device is very important. The reason is that the powder size is so fine that if we use the ordinary rotary vibration screen ,the material will easily gather and cake on the screen surface, coming to obstruct the mesh, resulting in the low capacity of the vibrating screen. The common rotary vibrating machine adopts bouncing ball in the working process continuously beating the surface of screen,but ultrasonic  vibrating screen will convert electrical energy into wave energy on the screen surface directly,then make the screen surface generate high frequency vibration,which greatly reduces the chance of plugging the mesh by graphite powder. So the ultrasonic rotary vibrating screen has high screening precision and capacity.

ultrasonic vibrating screen
Characteristics of ultrasonic vibrating screen:
Improve the low density powder’s motion on the screen surface. Reduce the stay time of the high density metal on the screen sieve surface to eliminate the powder electrostatic adhesion to improving the sieving efficiency and quality. Generally according to screening rate, the rate of the ultrasonic one is bigger than the ordinary on by 50%-400%.  
Here are some advantages of the ultrasonic vibrating screen.
(1) Reduce the cleaning time of the sieve.
(2) Do not pollution to the powder.
(3) Keep mesh size steady and ensure precision of screening;
(4) Resolve the adhering material,improving screening efficiency.
(5) Reduce screening time.
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