Applications and problems of Reversible belt conveyor


Reversible distribution belt conveyor are often used in the process of raw materials, finished products handling for silo storage in the power, metallurgy, cement, coal and other related production sectors. Silos are often arranged in one or two ranks. Silos distribution of the conveyor, is assigned and unloaded same materials into the various silos, or several raw materials assigned and unloaded to the designated one or several silos. The choice of silos distribution equipment depends on the combination of storage type. According to its type, silos distribution equipment could be divided into:
1) Unloading tripper for silos distribution
2) Reversible belt conveyor for silos distribution
3) Plow unloader for silos distribution
4) Vibration conveyor for silos distribution
5) Rotary chute for silos distribution
Among them, the reversible belt conveyer (commonly known as movable reversible belt conveyor, shuttle belt conveying machine) is deeply loved by designers and users and is widely used because of its simple structure, small investment, easy operation and maintenance and many other advantages.
Reversible distribution belt conveyor is characterized by simple equipment, reliable operation, the arrangement of the feeding conveyor belt could be concentric and also be vertical with the warehouse, the reversible belt conveyor moves longitudinally along the tracks at the top of silos when distributing materials, it is suitable for large-capacity silo of linear layout. Because the belt conveyor can run in reverse, the length of the conveyor is short. Usually, the length of the conveyor is about half the length of the needed material distribution in the silo and then 2-3m longer. Therefore, the equipment is widely used because of its small investment and the simple flexible process layout.

It could discharge materials reversibly, that is in two direction, and discharge continuously also move in longitudinal direction, the reversible mobile belt conveyor can maximize the use of silos or storage yard volume and is widely used in the industry of metallurgy, electricity and coal, etc.
The whole reversible belt conveyor can move, discharge in two directions, compared with the unloading tripper, it has small space occupied and reduces the cost of civil engineering, but the whole conveyor is greatly tensioned by the belt, so it has high requirement for strength of the frame. The conveyor is mainly applied to the occasion of the central feeding, need discharging machine in two directions.
With the advancement of science and technology, the silos distribution belt conveyer is developing in the direction of larger capacity, longer distance, wider belt width and higher belt speed. It needs to be individually designed and customized in practical applications. Yes, at the same time the individual custom costs increase, and it often requires comparison with different programs to ensure that the program is economical and reasonable.
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