Assembling And Commissioning Of Screw Conveyor


In the process of assembling and commissioning the screw conveyor,what should we pay attention to?Henan Pingyuan Mining Machinery Co., Ltd will answer for you.
After making the shell and blade of screw conveyor,we will assemble the screw conveyor.We prepare the head shaft and tail shaft of the screw conveyor before assembly.If the length is long,we still must prepare the suspension bearing.Additionally,the drive link device of the screw conveyor has two forms,when the screw conveyor is not too big, or when the chain length is not long ,we can choose link drive,when the length is long, we have to choose coupling links form.After these materials,check whether all parts production is in accordance with the relevant provisions,this can avoid future trouble.First put the blade of the screw conveyor into the u-shaped shell,reload driving device,must stay level when loading.The basic installation of the screw conveyor is completed.

When testing run,the screw conveyor should be no load starting,after starting,you should observe whether the screw conveyor is conveying material normally.
The noise of the screw conveyor is main observation,whether is a normal voice, if the sound is too large,you must check and adjust.
All the oil holes should have remind tag.
So that we have finished the manufacture of a screw conveyor.
Note:Many clients didn't read screw conveyor specification,first put the material, and then start the conveyor,this is wrong,this way will let conveyor into load condition,motor are easy to be burned.
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