Automatic tension device maintenance for chain bucket elevator


Vertical bucket elevator can be widely used in several industries such as mining, mineral, chemical, agriculture, power, food and other industries etc.
1. Check the bucket chain and the buckets. If any cracks, severe deformation and defects, measures should be taken to replace them.
2. If it is necessary to replace the bucket chain and other components, should take good and reliable lifting safety measures to avoid accidents.
3. If the replace quantity of the bucket chain and buckets is large, the buckets and chain should be assembled and check the flexibility and then conduct the bucket elevator installation. When assembling the buckets, we should pay attention to the direction of the movement of bucket chain, which can not be reversed.
4. Check and replace the bearing of vertical bucket elevator bottom part, the bearing should be filled with grease.
5. Check the heavy weights lever type automatic tension device, heavy weights should be firmly installed and adjusted to an appropriate tension.
6. Check the relative position of bucket chain inside the chain bucket elevator shell, if too much deviation, please timely correct.
7. Check if all components are complete, the screws are reliable and complete.
The quality standard of the ring chain bucket elevator:
1. Bucket chain should be no serious deformation, no crack or wear parts;
2. Small bucket wear, no serious deformation and damage phenomenon;
3. If replace new bucket and chain, bucket chain joints should be flexible rotation;
4. Bucket size should be consistent, after installation,please check the relative position between the two buckets should be appropriate.
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