Bearing maintenance for industrial bucket elevator


Regardingindustrial bucket elevator,there are many key parts to ensure the machine can normally work,such as head pulley,tail pulley,belt,chain,motor,casing,bearings and so on.Any parts problems will make the machine stop to work,here is the introduction of maintenance for bearings.
1.Improper installation
In all condition that bearings of the bucket elevator machine prematurely lose efficacy,only 16% is because of inadequate installation and wrong installation tools.If the correct installation proceeds and take an effective disassembly,different installation will adopt different method,such as mechanical,hydraulic or heated methods.The engineer must process enough engineering service technical knowledge and all series of tools and instruments,which will make the assembly work relaxing,fast and high efficiency. So it’s an important step to use proper tools and technology to install the bearing,which is going to be a great efficacy in reducing the malfunction.
2.Improper lubrication

industrial bucket elevator
Although the maintenance-free bearing can avoid this problem,but concerning of the the prematurely losing efficacy bearings,36% is on account of using incorrect lubricant,which leads to bearings losing efficacy prematurely. Given that the bearing is the hardest contact parts in the industrial bucket elevator system,so ignoring the lubrication is about to generate many issues.Anyhow,a good lubrication system will protect bearings from damage and guarantee bearings work in the normal status.
3.Bearing pollution
The bearing is the precise parts in bucket elevator equipment,if the bearings and lubricant can’t keep away from contaminant,the bearings cannot operate normally.Besides,although there are self-lubricating bearings,if the contaminant invade into bearings,it would give a damage to the bearings.That’s to say a good sealing system is very important as well. Therefore bearing and bearing sealing program is necessary to employ a high quality brand,maybe a good bearing would cost you much,but a inferior bearing would cause a great financial loss.
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