belt conveyor common fault analysis and processing


Portable belt conveyor for bulk materials or parts of the short-distance transport and unloading work. The use of steel structure, lightweight and beautiful, good mobility. Rotating device for the electric drum, and is equipped with two kinds of pneumatic tires and steel wheels, captain 10 meters and angle adjustable.
Due to belt conveyor are used be mining ,coal and metal business,and take an wide and can not be replaced influence. Understand and analyze the common faults of the equipment to ensure the smooth production.
Common belt conveyor failure analysis and processing:
1.Abnormal noise:
When the portable belt conveyor is running, its driving device, driving roller and redirecting roller, as well as idler roller will make unusual noise when it is not normal. According to the abnormal noise, it can judge the trouble of the equipment.

2.Roller produce noise at serious off center.
Belt conveyor running idler often occur abnormal noise, accompanied by periodic vibration. Especially the return roller, because of its length too length , self-weight, noise is larger.Produce noise main two reason ,First, the manufacture of roller seamless steel pipe wall thickness is not uniform, resulting in greater centrifugal force;Second, when processing both ends of the bearing hole center and the center of the large deviation, so that centrifugal force is too large. The bearings can be used without damaging the bearings and allowing noise to exist.
3.Gearbox produce break shaft.
Reducer broken shaft occurred in the reducer high-speed axis. The most common is the use of reducer for the first vertical axis of the high-speed bevel gear shaft.
4.conveyor belt service life too short.
Belt conveyor service life and belt conveyor behavior in service is relevant with them quantity. Belt conveyor runtime should be assured clean machinery is reliable and convenient, return belt conveyor should not have material.
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