Installation Tips for Belt Conveyor


It is obviously to see that before belt conveyor is put into use, please make a good installation for it. Today we will list some necessary points for you to get a better known for belt conveyor.
1.For installing conveyor belt, it’s better to strictly pave it according to the middle line to ensure a good installation.
2.For transporting belt conveyor spare parts, it’s better to deliver them in order of tail, middle frame, head and conveyor belt. After arriving at the designated location, those spare parts should be displayed as per the transportation order.
3.Please note that during installation of belt conveyor, install it according to the order of head frame, middle frame, tail and belt.
4.The installation of cleaning device and protective devices should be consistent with the specifications. Meanwhile there should be installed one cleaning device on both sides of head and tail.
5.Once all parts of fixed belt conveyor have been installed completely, please carry out commissioning.
Above mentioned aspects are some basic installation tips, of course there are other requirements for belt conveyor. More information, please pay attention to PK MACHINERY website: www.pkmachinery.com