Maintenance Methods to Improve the Service Life of Belt Conveyor


Compared to the truck transportation, belt conveyor has great advantages in the product process of mining, such as bigger handling capacity, higher loading bearing and longer distance, specially it is adaptable all kind of environment and low transportation cost. It is such an important equipment during production, so we should learn some maintenance methods to prolong the service life effectively.
Firstly, it is to maintain the weight lightening device of the conveyor belt. The material capacity on the conveyor belt should be controlled in the range it can bear and overload tension should be avoided to the conveyor belt and makes the conveyor belt wear or even breakage.
Secondly, control the feeding situation reasonable. Attention should be paid to the effect from feeding direction to the service life of the conveyor belt. During operating, if the material transport direction is the same with the conveyor belt,it can improve the transport effect and prolong the service life of the conveyor belt greatly. If it is reversible, it will add the pressure to the motor and at the same time will wear the conveyor belt because of friction force.
Finally, it is suggested to improve the hopper of the belt conveyor equipment. Expand the impurity material through capacity of the discharging port and avoid blocking to the discharge port.
Above is the maintenance method we suggest during production process. During daily operation, knowing the maintenance methods clearly can lower the time of equipment malfunction greatly and prolong the service life of belt conveyor machine.