Belt requirements For Belt Bucket Elevator


Belt bucket elevator is designed for transporting vertically for granular, powder and small block of grinding suction smaller dispersing shape material. It adopts belt as the traction component ,can reach to max.40 meters . Capacity could be approx. 4~238m3/h. The vertical belt bucket elevator is widely used in mining , metallurgy , chemicals , power plant ,agriculture and quarry industries, etc.
The belt requirement for belt bucket elevator conveyor is listed as follows:
(1) adequate tensile strength and flexibility;
(2) good ability to withstand load and enough width to meet the needs of transport materials;
(3) very good flexibility, so that it can twine pulley and bend in the length direction;
(4) covering the adhesive to withstand the impact of the hopper load lifting objects, and can quickly restore elasticity, transmission, covering the rubber and the roller to have sufficient friction;
(5) to have a good adhesion between the various plies, to avoid ply separation in the process of lifting;
(6) the tear resistance, damage resistance can be linked into the circular.
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