Broken shaft of large inclination belt conveyor


In order to transport materials in a large angle or even vertically, it will usually use corrugated sidewall conveyor belt, also known as the large angle belt conveyor, it is reliable, but sometimes there is a problem of broken shaft.
Broken shaft is that the speed of drive reducer slows down suddenly caused by some external force, and then the shaft breaking when the belt conveyor during normal operation.

 /vertical-elevator-main-part There are some causes as the following after analysis:
1.Fracture pressure is too large because of unreasonable design of the reducer.
2.The quality of reducer heat treatment is failed.
3.The reducer shaft diameter is thin; it is easy to work fatigue.
4.It didn’t install strictly in accordance with the provisions.
There are methods and measures to avoid and reduce the broken shaft:
1.It should have a safety margin when select reducer. Generally its rated power should not be less than 1.5 times the motor power;
2.We should adjust the concentricity of the motor and reducer, so that it meets the conventional requirements during installation and maintenance;
3.try to use parallel shaft reducer, rather than the vertical axis reducer when the installation space allows;
4.Reduce or control the size of the unbalanced torque of the hydraulic coupling and brake wheel;
5.Daily inspection of the motor and reducer.
It should be equipped with the necessary spare parts properly for timely replacement during the continuous operation of the inclined belt conveyor system, in order to avoid affecting the normal production.

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